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     I started learning screenwriting in 1995.  Back then, the Internet was just getting started.  There was not much information out there.  For several years, I bought and read every book book about screenwriting sold at the local Barnes & Noble.  Soon, I expanded to reading books on lighting and production.

     In the early 2000s, I would drive to Atlanta once a month to attend the meeting of the IMAGE Film and Video group.  I attended numerous out-of-town film industry workshops in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

     In 2005, I was one of the founding members of Southeastern Filmmakers, a community group dedicated to individuals learning the art and craft of independent filmmaking.  In the decade that followed I've worked on a variety of productions, including some micro-budget indie features.  I've had opportuinites to be the Director of Photography on productions with name actors.

     I 2015, I joined the board of directors of the Augusta Film Office.  Our mission is to bring industry low-budget productions to our area.

Please enjoy looking at my work on this page.  I am available for consultations and set work at the convience of my full time job as the Broadcasting and Film Instructor at the Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.

Stills from "Perfect Disguise"
Director of Photography
Pictures from the 2016 Doritos Contest Commercial